The Entrepreneur Babes story

Entrepreneur Babes founder Courtney Fletcher grew up in New England, taught to keep her head down, live frugally, and pursue the traditional path of college followed by a 9-5 job. While attending college, she realized that going to school for 5 more years, accumulating serious debt, just to work 40-50 hours per week for the next 40 years doing something she wasn’t even passionate about, was not how she wanted to live her life.

She dropped out of college and bounced around from job to job and idea to idea, trying them all… car sales, solar sales, traditional affiliate marketing, multi-level marketing, before discovering ecommerce and fully devoting herself to mastering it.

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She loved the idea of being her own boss, the ability to reach the entire world, and the endless earning potential.

After a series of trials and failures, she developed the Connective eCommerce Method and everything started to click. She launched her store and made $312 in a day, which soon became $2,000 days, and eventually $20,000+ days.

Throughout her journey, ecommerce programs were all taught by men teaching the same risky strategies, so she never felt like she belonged or believed in the approaches that were being taught. So in November 2018, Cortney created eCom Babes to give women the resources and community to succeed in ecommerce as well.

Since then, the eCom Babes community has grown to thousands of members, and Cortney and her partners have expanded their vision beyond just ecommerce – eCom Babes has evolved into Entrepreneur Babes, to become the premier online school providing women with the skills to create amazing businesses and become the CEO’s of their own lives.

Our mission

We see two problems.

  1. The traditional model of education is broken. College often requires a significant investment of time and money, and many people graduate with a mountain of debt and few skills valued by the marketplace. What awaits is a lifetime of working in an unfulfilling 9-5 job until retirement at age 65, when they finally get to enjoy life.
  1. Women entrepreneurs have been hugely underserved and underrepresented – with few thriving communities for strong, ambitious women to support each other in their journeys and goals.

Our solution.

At Entrepreneur Babes our mission is to empower women and to help them get more – more life, more money, more happiness. We want to provide women with the skills, knowledge and confidence to start their own businesses or immediately provide value to another. We want to give them the tools to become the CEO’s of their own lives. To take control of their own destinies and build better, happier lives for themselves.